the skinny


Our vehicles are clean inside and out. The breakfast area of our kitchen has a new table with six chairs around it. I went out by myself yesterday to Michael's, the mall, and Target and made a pelmet for our laundry room window. Jim left this morning for Charlotte. He'll spend his week in the states of North and South Carolina. Jake sung the two lines he knows from the chorus "Open the Eyes of my Heart, Lord" and tackled me in our backyard during a game of football. I soaked our blinds in our bathtub one window at a time, dried, and rehung them, and I fell asleep this afternoon to the sounds of 27 Dresses. Parker left part of his lunch on a rug, and I used some serious elbow grease to wipe it clean. I met my mom at Wal-mart. Yep, she's back. We ordered pizza for dinner and assessed mosquito bites on nine month old legs. We tag teamed toenail clipping and two loads of laundry.  I'm wearing a Spiderman band aid on my left middle finger because I sliced my skin open with a knife while cutting the foam board I used to make the pelmet to hang over my laundry room window. I'm watching reruns of Family Ties and weighing the pros and cons of getting out of bed to move Jake into his. I'm beat.  Goodnight!        

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