Left...Left...Left, Right, Left


The left side of the closet, the left side of the vanity, the right side of the bed, and who gets which...almost everything has been moved to our new address. 

People, it's been a loooong day and a looooong night.

Jim, I think is trying to see just how long he can go without sleep (I think he's told me he slept in his car quite a few nights back in the day and he spent most nights sleepless in Saudi for months and months on two different TDY's which is, I'm guessing, what makes him capable.), we have a rather large gash (yeah, haven't gotten around to measuring that one, but let's just say four inches is a pretty fair estimate) in the ceiling of our stairwell, the food we had in our fridge and freezer is completely inedible because we're missing the hardware to reattach the doors (those boxes will be totally fun to open), there's absolutely no possible way we could have done this move without the five AFROTC cadets who sacrificed their physical strength and seven hours of their day to help us, and no, I didn't do what I hoped I'd do this morning which is wake up and immediately shut my eyes again and pretend the chaos around me doesn't exist.

My mom says Jake and Parker are completely chill.  They've been to the park to play, to Burger King for lunch, and to Target for a "backacon" (Yes, that is English for something Jake will bring home with him).  I also hear Parker has been giving them early wake-up calls...once at 5:30am, once at 4:30am, and this morning at 4am.  Parker, just so you know, Mommy does not wake up that early.  So when you get home, I reeeeally need you to sleep in just a little bit longer.  And just because I didn't get to tell you over the phone the last time I called because you were asleep, I miss you, Baby! 

So we just have one more trip to make to get what's left on the left and right sides of our old garage.  We're just waiting for our cable technician to finish the job he's doing, so we can whip across town and whip through CVS Pharmacy five minutes from our old address to pick up a presciption for Parker's eczema.

And now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go find my toothbrush and toothpaste (because I haven't used it since yesterday, and I rather not see someone fall and hurt themselves when I open my mouth to talk).

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