Muffins With Mom


The first meal of our day yesterday...ordinary turned extraordinary.

Maybe it was because I felt proud - that yes, I'm on this journey called motherhood...that he belongs to me and I belong to him...that his agenda has had a sticker on every block for the last four and he hasn't had to change his color for unacceptable behavior all week.

Facepaint for a dollar at 7:45, a walk in a line down the halls of his school, and "Sit next to me, Mommy!"'s until I did...all before 8am.

He ate blueberry, and I ate banana nut.

His teacher assigned an art project that she shared with all of us. They each colored the hair, face, and collar of a woman and answered four questions about their mom. One: Where does your mom work? Two: What does your mom do at work? Three: What does your mom wear to work? Four: What do you like to do most with your mom?

Jake's response with this: "My mom works at Alabama. She sells stuff at work. She wears an outfit to work. My favorite thing to do is playing with her and feeding the birds."

Close, Baby. Very, very close. And because I didn't tell you already - sharing a muffin with you makes yesterday's breakfast the best I've ever had. And even though I did tell you but a lifetime is never enough - I love you.

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