"I want my ooooooooown cossssstume!"


A trip to Toys R Us, one to Target, and one to Birmingham...half hour conversations with neighbors on the sidewalk, "Yes, he's my oldest...the one in the Transformer costume which he's been wearing since the minute we got home with it this afternoon." (from Target)...and football throwing...just a few of the ways we've played out our weekend.

Five loads of laundry are still in progress, and our living room floor is still crowded with plastic blocks and beyblades.

This past week's episode of Sweet Home Alabama has been watched and Summer has been replaced with Fall in Jake's closet.


but somehow not.

Until this past Tuesday, plans for Halloween were non-existent. I ran into Heather at Michael's during my lunch break, and we talked about costumes and the lack of desire to acknowledge the 31st of October at all. A conversation with Jim later that night and thoughts of regret (After all - this house and these boxes and the need for organization will be here. But holidays and Parker's first Halloween and their first Trick-or-Treat as brothers will not be. It will come and go, and this "first" will not come this way again.) turned into google searches for "couples" Halloween costume ideas.

I found ideas for a Pirate and Parrot, Lion Tamer and Lion, and Zookeeper and Animal. A few websites later, and an actual Zookeeper costume on order, we had our pair.

My mom, Jake, Parker and I went to Target later that night in search of the "Animal" Parker will be, and he said, "But Mommy! I want to pick out my oooooooooown cossssstume!"

"When they go on sale, Baby, you can have any one you want and wear it any day any time. But this year, on Halloween, our Zebra needs a Zookeeper. And since you're his Big Brother, you have to be his Zookeeper."

Three dollars off and this coming Wednesday designated as Superhero dress-up day for Homecoming week at his school means we brought it home this afternoon.

"Hello, Optimus Prime!

Yes, you really do look awesome, Buddy!

What's even more awesome is your rendition of I'm in the Lord's Army.

Yes, Sir!"


  1. He looks so adorable in his costume! I love little boys and their superheroes!