Saturday Shortly


It's early. The sun is still low, but we are not. Yesterday was a day called Friday - the day we all exhale. The five days we work are done, and the two we live for are here. Jim and I just know - because we're adults, and we're good like that. Jake's knowing comes in the form of a question, "Is it a school day, Mommy?" while he rides in the shopping cart at Sam's, and his voice carries over the next four registers as he shouts with excitement and starts chanting a little something from yesterday's pep rally.'s always a good day for him, and today he'll spend a few extra hours of it with the monsters that live on the toes of his pajamas.

We came home yesterday to Halloween wrapped in one cardboard box and one huge bag with bullseyes printed on it. Bullets (also knows as beads of sweat) were starting to pour on that on. But they are here...thankfully. The material Jake's is made of is different than I expected, but Gymboree never lets me down. He wore his Zookeeper hat longer than the few seconds it would have taken him to "Go show Parker, Baby!" and was all in all pretty fired up about the zebra Parker will be as his "animal".

This morning Jim will replace the ceiling fan in our living room (because we want something that looks more special and because he's got those kind of skills), we'll meet Sarah to sell her the swing that we took off of the back porch at our old house (because of the layout, we just don't have a place here at our new one), and I'll keep wondering how much longer Erin will last on Sweet Home Alabama if they keep doing activities that involve feeding animals to other animals and if Paige and Mandy go on one more hunt to bring home the bacon (or in the case of this past week's episode that I watched last night...the venison).

Should be a good one!

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