"I'm just the Grandma."


Two weeks ago when Sheila and Terry came to our door to deliver an invitation to a Get to Know Your Neighbor cookout they hosted and today when our security system technician came by to see if we were ready to swap over our account, she said, "I'm just the Grandma."

She's my help and comfort. She's strength when I don't have enough.

She's a reader of bedtime stories and a sayer of prayers.

She's a traveler of eighty plus miles one way and a singer of Jesus Loves Me's.

She's the reason my kitchen is one more evening of painting away from being Willow Tree green.

She's a thousand Thank You's and that's still not enough. She's staying until Thursday morning.

She's a piece of my soul.

She's my mom.

She's loved. Very, very much!

She's anything but just.


  1. As someone who hasn't had a mother in my life since I was 23... I'm so glad to see that you appreciate your mum! I have had soooo many times when I WISH my mum was available to help out, have the kids for a weekend, or just for moral support on the other end of the phone! I miss my mum. And I have to confess to always feeling just slightly jealous when I come across someone with a relationship with their mum like the one I always wanted to have.
    Thank you for not taking for granted what some of us wish we had!

    I know this may sound a little weird, and I've stumbled across your blog somehow and you have no idea who I am, lol! but I just had to tell you.
    Donna from New Zealand

  2. Awwww...thank you so much, Donna...for sharing your heart even though we don't know each other in person. That means so much! Thinking of you today!