a post in which I air our dirty laundry...sort of


Yesterday was good. Really, really good in spite of the fact that Jake had his moments...lots of them, and I had mine too (i.e. As I stood in Lowe's...in front of hundreds of paint color options...I locked my eyes with Jake's and said, "Right now, you're driving the train of nuts, and I am. one. of. them." And because I wasn't two aisles over where I'd like to have been because there was no one on it and I could have actually raised my voice and then walked off while I looked both ways and acted like I was one of those people who were trying to figure out who exactly just said that, I mumbled instead with this super serious face.).

But because we know we can't win 'em all, because our front doorway screams, "Fall, you are here. And we welcome you.", because we escaped the "bears" that were sleeping in the woods on our morning hike, because we fail but give forgiveness, and because our garage is box free, our Saturday definitely gets a "V" for Victory.

It's kind of the same victory I felt this morning, as we pulled out of our drive on our way to church.

We've missed the last four (maybe even five) weeks because we've been moving and Jim's departures for North Carolina and Atlanta have been in the mornings on two of them, so this morning a true sense of accomplishment washed over me, and I secretly high-fived Jim as he drove us from our neighborhood.

This weekend among all the staining, trimming, mowing, and fan-installing, we did laundry (four loads to be exact).

And in this house, this is where we do it.

And because I'm good like that, I'll air the dirt, and tell you how I put it all together...

wall color...Silvermist by Sherwin Williams;

hamper and baskets on top of the cabinets...Old Time Pottery;



button art...frames - Pottery Barn, buttons - Hancock Fabric, scrapbook paper - Michael's, idea - Sarah Richardson from Sarah 101 and Erica...a friend and coworker with creative skill like nobody's business who suggested a random blue button amongst all the wood tone ones just to tie it all in to my wall color;

window treatment...DIY tutorial - Pinterest, Fabric - King Cotton, Foam board - Michael's, Staple gun - after searching high and low...our garage, Duct tape - Target;

wire basket...local furniture and accessory boutique.

And now if you'll excuse me, there are still towels in the dryer pictured above that still need to be folded.


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