Last Saturday we were the proud owners of one new residence but still living among two. We were still making trips back and forth for last minute things we didn't make room for on our rental moving truck, and I was making phone calls to my mom to help her decide what she should do until Sunday about low-grade fevers and a developing rash.

This week we've been once to our pediatrician's office, once to Old Baker Farm, five times to our bank.

And this morning our garage still looked like this.

But today we have so much peace - much like the kind that looking at this view from our backyard at 7am in the morning can bring.

We also have two more bedrooms freshly painted, new furniture arrangements (We decided to swap Parker's room with Jake's because one is bigger and at least ten degrees hotter during the day than the other.), soooo many boxes unpacked, artwork and photos hung on the walls, and an almost completely well nine month old.

Happy Birthday to my tooth-cutting (Yes, he has another...that makes five!), Army-crawling, Da-da saying, big-brother loving, Roseola-recovering, nine month old, Hoo!

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