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Last night I took Jake trick-or-treating - the real deal, door-to-door, like my sister and I used to do when we were his age, trick-or-treating. We decided this year to skip the annual Sorority Row event and the Fall Festival at my parent's church, and we went old school, Baby. So!Much!Fun - I seriously can't even put it into words right now (Actually, I'm just waiting to show you pictures of Jake dressed in his red and yellow Fireman costume and tell you all about it it later!)

I'm still getting over a cold that I've had all week (Thank you, Jake.). It's the pits! I have no recollection of a time when I've been so sore from coughing (I think I've even thought about crying over this one at times) and so tired of the smell and look of an 83 year old instead of a 33 year old (meaning the smell of vapor rub on my chest and extra padding in my underwear to catch...well, I don't think I have to go there...you get the idea).

During my ultrasound this past Thursday, Julie noticed that my placenta is low lying (but not over my cervix). Dr. W. said I shouldn't make any major changes in my routine for now, but he'll really be looking out for Parker and I both as we get closer to his due date. His goal for now is to get us through eight more weeks safe and sound, and then take each day from there one at a time.

I'm officially $112 richer today than I was yesterday...thanks to my mom and sister for their amazing help with the yard sale I mentioned earlier last week.

Actually, come to think of it, that money has already been spent. Yeah, I was already forgetting the trip Jim and I made to Birmingham on Thursday and all the things I bought while we were there.

The bumpers for Parker's bedding are officially done! And I swear to you, his crib seriously just went from a seven to a ten! Of course, the velour crib sheet, kicked it up a notch too - the one and only he may ever own since Jim saw the price tag and is still wondering how just one sheet for a tiny infant can cost almost as much as an entire set of sheets to go on our queen-sized bed.

I still have no idea what stores have opened at the new outlet mall in Leeds. Jim and I tried to go on Thursday, but we literally could not even get on to I-20 because of the amount of traffic - unless, of course, we wanted to sit it in for at least an hour (or longer).

I've been writing this blog post off and on all day as thoughts come to mind.  At nearly 10, the only thought on my mind is getting some sleep, so I think that's it for this one!


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