Fridays are for...taking the afternoon off!

This past Friday, I wanted to spend some extra time with my mom while she was here and also spend some time with Jake before he left home on Saturday morning to spend the rest of his weekend with his Grandma and the rest of my family.

So I called it quittin' time at noon and went home to spend the rest of my day doing something out of the ordinary...and I don't mean just spending time with my mom and Jake.

Fridays are for...trips to Critter Creek Farm!

We've been here once before - but not on a Friday afternoon and not in a very long time.

Jake was actually two years younger.

I was also two years younger and not six months pregnant.

But I got no less exercise than I did the time before...or enjoyment. In fact, I got more of both.

This time around was even more exciting for Jake and so it was for me too.

My mom also wasn't with us on our last trip here, so she got to experience the down and dirty of feeding all the hungry animals that were ecstatic to see us coming.

Actually I think they were just ecstatic to see the cups of food coming their way...

and Jake who was carrying them.

They were also pretty fired up, I'm sure, about the fact that as he extended his hand for what was in it to be licked and munched, he was steadily pouring it out of the cup that he was holding in the other. Not intentionally, of course. But when you're three, sometimes that's the best you can do.

Fridays are for...picking pumpkins!

We have multiples of these at home after our afternoon walk on Thursday to buy some (We honestly didn't think we would come close to seeing an actual Pumpkin Patch this year after our plans changed last weekend, so we decided to take the easy route and "pick" them out of a huge cardboard crate sitting in the front entryway of Publix.).

But what's one more when it comes with your admission and involves an actual hayride to go pick it?

That's definitely what makes this one special...

and, of course, the fact that he picked it all by himself.

After we finished our hayride, and Jake found his pumpkin of choice, we took a look at lots of homemade scarecrows...

fed a llama...

and some sheep...

and a goat or two with the last little bit of food Jake had left.

My mom and I also watched Jake as he slid down slides, tried to climb a rope ladder, met new friends and told them all about his brother, Parker, and absord most of a Diet Dr. Pepper that my mom willingly gave up because he couldn't wait for me to go get his drink out of her car.

Fridays are for...times like this!

And I'm so glad I got to spend my afternoon this way.

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