Some Things Never Change


And one of those things is Jake's passion and love for some Alabama Football.


He isn't affected by this past Saturday's loss.



Yeah, those are just numbers that he can't count to yet.

And 7 and 8?

He's still capable of getting those backwards at times, so those don't mean squat either.

Oh definitely! 

He's still bleeding crimson...and white (He's also still quoting the 23rd Psalm more times than I can count on one hand every.single.afternoon.). 

He still asks every day if it's "Jersey Day" (which is what he calls Game Day).

And Parker will now make his entrance into the world "after Santa Claus brings him his helmet" (meaning an Alabama football helmet that he spotted from outside the store at Hibbett's in the mall - Dude has got some majorly good eyesight, let me tell you).

Yep!  Some things just never change!

"They are winners, Mommy!"

Absolutely...they sure are, Buddy! 

Once a champion, always a champion!

Which is exactly what you me!

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