This week has been full of _____________...


doctor's appointments (but not for me...for Jim). His usual neck pain has become "not so usual" over the last few weeks. In fact, his left index finger and part of his middle finger are completely numb from whatever is causing pain to shoot straight down his arm. He's been referred to a neurosurgeon in Birmingham, and she's decided it's one of four things (which only an updated MRI will tell that he'll have hopefully by the first of next week): a muscle spasm, a bone spur, a ruptured disc, or a combination of those three.  Yikes!

good TV. On Jerseylicious, Tracey lost part of her hair extensions in a cat fight with Olivia, Michael and Kevin are still in it to win it on The Amazing Race, on Survivor it was a double elimination night, and Florence danced her last dance on Dancing With the Stars.

irritable moments. I truly have no idea what got hold of me at the beginning of the week, but each and every day, I just wanted to stay in bed. I honestly would have given almost anything to just remain tired and crabby all by my lonesome. But instead, I got myself up, dressed and ready and chanted over and over in my mind "This too shall pass" as I listened to my backseat driver tell me I was going too fast (or too slow), ask me why I wasn't going because the light had been green for point five seconds, and yelling at me to sloooow doooown because the light was yellow (even though I was already under it and had no other choice but to punch the gas).  Thankfully it did pass, and by yesterday, I was reunited with my normal persona.

projects, projects, projects.  First of all, I'm making a huge (and I mean, huge) pile in our spare bedroom of stuff to put in a yard sale that my mom and sister are doing with my Aunt Mary back home next weekend.  I'm literally cleaning out every closet, cabinet, and drawer I can open to see what I can part with.  I'm also putting the finishing touches on the wreath I've been working on off and on for weeks (and I mean weeks because it's made of tied ribbons...can we say very.long.process?) that will hang on my hospital room door announcing Parker's birth.  And last but not least, I found an awesome idea today thanks to Kelly's blog for some super cute canvases that I want to try painting for Parker's room.

good food.  Pizza...not just once, but twice (a craving I'm definitely paying for on the scales - which I'm not at all excited about standing on next Thursday), Jack's for breakfast (just once, though, I promise), and Mexican for lunch today with some of the best girls I've ever worked with.

indecision - about Parker's room. I wake up at 3:30 in the morning, munch on a granola bar and drink what feels like another gallon of water (but really it's only a twenty ounce bottle) and wonder if I've chosen the right artwork, or whether or not I really need that toy chest to match his baskets, or if the rocking giraffe will really be practical (or safe) in the long run (because it serioualy could be an accident waiting to happen with two little boys playing on it). Jim has rearranged the furniture once since Wednesday (my mom sighed when I told her - she knows this is nothing new for me), and I'm sure he's pretty much terrified of what I might ask him to do over the weekend.

"ready for the weekend" moments. And I'm so glad it's here!

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