I wonder...


...if people really buy more pizza from Little Cesaer's because various employees stand on the street corner of the shopping center it's located in and hold signs and foam fingers pointing towards the restaurant while dancing to music on their ipods.

...what possessed Jake to call me a nerd last night. And where in the world did that come from? Jim is forty years old, and I'll turn thirty-four exactly a month from today, so the word isn't even remotely in our vocabulary.

...who will be eliminated on Dancing With The Stars tonight. Margaret Cho...Bristol the Pistol?

...if the parents of the students on campus taught their sons and daughters to look both ways before they cross a street. Certainly they did right? Just in case they forget, though, I think I need to put the "Crossing a Busy Street Refresher Course" on my To-Talk-About List before Jake and Parker start their freshman year's in college. Just.in.case.

...what my mom and I will do with each other's company this weekend. She'll be here Thursday, and I can't wait!

...if I'll ever find all the little white balls that Jake has scattered everywhere tonight that belong to his Hungry Hungry Hippos game. Maybe the vacuum cleaner will find them for me. It's waiting for me to come push it back and forth some more like I was doing before I sat down to write this blog post.

...how long it will take for our front door to dry (Thank you, Buddy, for helping me put a fresh coat of stain on it tonight!) so I can hang the new Fall wreath on it that I made for it this weekend.

...how much longer tonight Jake will wear his Finding Nemo floatie that he has on his right arm. To bed maybe?

...lots and lots of many more things I could write, but the vacuum hasn't begun to operate itself in the last few minutes, so I guess I'll call it a night!

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