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I debated on doing a "serious" post in recognition of the National Day of Prayer. It's a big day for Christians everywhere. I had it all planned out and was going to confess before you that I just don't take the time as often as I pray. I also planned to tell you that something huge on my heart today is my desire to make more time to be make my requests known to give Him thanks more for what He does in my life without me even realizing it. To make time for Him and to be with Him, even when I'm at my weakest or can't concentrate. To realize that it doesn't always have to be me using just the right words, but just to think out loud to Him and share with Him...not necessarily in some perfect form. I know that may sound pray about something that I want for myself instead of praying for our country, the flooding in Nashville, the servicemen and women in far away places. But I know with all that I am that it's something I need to do so that I will pray for those things.

And then...

Then I debated on sharing how I wet my pants in my own driveway when I got home today. I just knew you'd be dieing to hear that one. I mean, seriously. How in the world does a grown, 33 year old, woman lose control of her bladder and pee in her own driveway? I'm still sort of hoping it didn't really happen. But I'm pretty sure it did. Unfortunately. Wetting my pants is nothing new for me. I was a big time bed-wetter and even wet my pants at a Red Lobster in celebration of my 16th birthday because I laughed so hard (yes, I said 16th not 6th). Can we say embarrassing?! And since I carried Jake, it's even worse. I can't emphasize this phrase enough...when I gotta go, I gotta go!

Between the two, there's one that's most important. But the stress from the paragraph above alone has led me to give up on doing either one.

So I decided to just ask Jake what he would like to pray about, and this is what he had to say...

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