I figured it was about time for one of these. It's been a while, I know.

So I started digging through old photos and found these from two years ago. Let me just pause and wig out for a minute and say...Two years?! Really?! Did I look at that right?! Yes, it does say March 2008 as the date taken. And I even rubbed my eyes and cleaned my glasses before I just looked again. Wow! Okay, I'm back. The moments of disbelief are over, I think.

I snapped these of Jake at a playground on Tyndall AFB, Florida. We went there for a quick, two-night stay. Jim and I used to do this all the time, actually, before Jake was born. We were living in Montgomery, so driving to Panama City took less than three hours. Staying on the base made our trips much less expensive, so we literally went all.the.time. This one was no different - other than the fact that we had Jake in tow. And other than the fact that this trip included a visit to a playground near of the neighborhoods on base.

Jake had the best time swinging and climbing

turning wheels

crawling in and out of tunnels

playing in lots and lots of sand

eating cheese puffs

and re hydrating.

I had the best time too...watching my sweet 1 year old play, discover, eat, laugh, squench his face when he felt the sand, crawl, and explore. Makes me glad I had my camera handy that day...even if I did almost have a heart attack this morning when I realized how long ago this was.


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