Long weekends are for...


...making up for lost time - 3 weeks of Jim being gone (Yes, he is home - he got back safe and sound last Friday night.) and 3 hours spent at the Emergency Room last Saturday night waiting for him to pass a kidney stone (This was his first, but apparently it won't be his last...there are two more just waiting in his left kidney to cause him excruciating pain when they decide to pass. At least now he knows the feeling and is stocked up on paid meds when or if he needs them again.)

...day trips to visit my family - that's are plan for Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it, and Jake is too. He keeps saying that "Emily, Paw-paw, Gwanma, and Aunt Cathy are going to be sooooo happy to see me!" And yes...they most certainly will.

...taking naps - I managed to get one yesterday and today. Ahhhhhh.....

...more cleaning - Jim is actually doing the bulk of it this time. He's currently out on our back patio vacuuming the hundreds of loose bugs and dirt off of it and cleaning the thousands of hand prints off of the doors. He also cut our grass yesterday and stained our fence. Thank you, Sweetie!

...skipping baths - not me...Jake. I let him go without one yesterday. I'm paying for it today by washing his bed sheets (they're actually in the washing machine as I type).

...missing my co-workers and hoping they are having as wonderful a weekend as I am.

...grilling with some of the greatest friends we could have asked for - that's what we did last night. It was wonderful!

...Memorial Day shopping and sales - I got started on this early actually by ordering Jake two pairs of shoes from Stride Rite. They are having their "Friends and Family" sale (25% off your entire purchase), and I got free shipping. Tomorrow I'll do more. Looking forward to that!

...going to church this morning in a torrential downpour - wow, it was terrible...but so worth it when we got there.

...having a 4-day love fest with my favorite two people in the whole world! It just doesn't get any better than this!

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