It's Monday...and it stinks


Today I’m having one of those days where it’s just not my day.

It didn’t start off that way…or at least I don’t think it did. Before I left my house this morning to drop movies off that we rented this weekend, take Jake to school, and come in to work, I was fine…or at least I think I was. But as the hours pass by, I realize that I’m not fine. I’m just ill…or as I just told my office mate, “I’m just not feeling it over here.” I just want to be at home…in my comfort zone…with my mom (who got here yesterday) helping her clean windows and ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.

Speaking of light fixtures - before Jim left yesterday, he and I exchanged words about taking them down so they can be cleaned. He was concerned they could get broken and wouldn’t be easily replaced since they are now four years old. I felt like I wanted to take them down anyway, unconcerned for their safety, and that didn’t go over too well with him. What made the situation worse is that he was getting ready to leave to go to Montgomery for one more week of teaching there. It’s hard to part ways when the air isn’t clear and feelings are hurt. But we were in a situation that didn’t allow us time to do anything else. My mom was there, and Jake was having a meltdown. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to eat for a snack, and instead of continuing to offer suggestions and hold the cabinet open, I went back into the bathroom to deal with the dangling globe on the light fixture that Jim was trying to put back together. So he cried. And he sprawled out in the floor in anger. Maybe yesterday he wasn’t feeling it either.

So here’s to hoping tomorrow is better and brighter. Or maybe even by this afternoon, my Monday will not seem so gloomy.

Anything is possible right?

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