He's been at it again -


getting creative with his bath toys.

These are actually new ones.

I found them last week out of the blue and couldn't resist buying them.

I assumed he would be ecstatic because they were transportation-themed.

I assumed right.

And just so you know, we made a second trip to Target tonight. We also went to the mall. I'm steadily spoiling the mothers in my life, and tomorrow will be no different. I've talked my friend Kelly into taking a road trip with me (and Jake, of course, since I'm officially a single parent for the next three weeks) to Birmingham to get a few things there that I can't find here. I'm so excited that I can hardly think about anything else...like getting Jake to bed on time tonight. I usually tend to do this (let him stay up later than usual), though, when Jim is out of town. It's because he keeps me company...and busy...and smiling.

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