Wall Project - The First of Many


The wall that leads to our garage off of the kitchen was a blank one until we did this to it last weekend.

I have no idea how, but I came across Wendy's website, and she completely inspired me with her Art Display Project series.

I bought three frames (all 8 x 10's) at Hobby Lobby and had Connie who works in their framing department (Connie's got skills when it comes to framing which is why I know her by name.) cut mats to fit each one (4 x 6 opening).

For the display cable, I bought two metal knobs, small clothespins, and natural cord. Jim took the screws, nuts, and washers off of the back of each knob, filled the hole with super glue, set a really long nail down in it, and let it dry (that way he could just nail them into the wall).

While we were waiting for the super glue to dry, we put the frames together, picked out a whole bunch of Jake's coloring and art projects, and went out to eat (Chick-fil-A if I remember right).

We got home, and Jim did his thing - "Hand me the tape measure. How high do you want these? Frick. I need different nails. Alright, there you go. Have at it!"

Five minutes later...done.

Love it!...especially the fact that I can change every bit of it any time I want to...the pictures as they grow and the art work any time Jake brings home something new from school that he's ridiculously proud of and wants to show off or when he colors a new page of his Smurfs coloring book or goes on another field trip and we have more Kodak moments to show for it - good times like those.


  1. Cindi ~ I really like this! So simple and cute! I'm so glad your little one still uses the bouncer, too. ; )

  2. Hi Cindi, Thanks so much that you came by my blog, and read. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your prayers are a wonderful encouragement to my heart. I only recently started blogging and found the amazing connection available on the internet. I am a lover of all types of people.... probably from living in CA. I love to glance into others loves and see what there day are like. I love this idea for the kids pictures...so very creative! Your header is very cute, I just love little boys and the beach!
    Thanks again for your kindness.

  3. Thank you so much, Katie!! It took absolutely no time at all - actually longer for the super glue to set completely more than anything else. Yes, Girl, we are still very much in love with our bouncer - him for obvious reasons and me because I get to fold a load of laundry or wash a sink full of dishes. Ha!

  4. Tesha, you are so welcome!! And THANK YOU so much for your sweet comments!! I'm so touched! I truly am!