Someday I'll Sail Around The World...I like it so much I think I'll put this on a wall.


Random...but true.  Jake's new love is Luden's Throat Drops.  I think I may have still had one laying on my bedside table one morning from getting up during the middle of the night with a cough that he ate, and now the kid is hooked on them.  He asks me on average about once every other day if he "...can have one of those red things."  I've thought about whether or not he really should (Should he, you think?).  But yeah, it hasn't stopped me from letting him have one or four.  They're actually pretty good - those "red things" - in case you've never tried one.

So I've recently started to update/redecorate Parker's room.  (Huge smiles right here.)  When I designed his nursery the first time around, the thought never crossed my mind that I'd change a thing fifteen months later, but here's the deal.  I'm that mom who goes into Target or Downtown Baby (one of our local shops here) and finds all the things I wish they'd had five years ago when Jake was new and a year ago when Parker was new and starts running a low-grade baby fever.  And I'm that mom who last Thursday said, "He's it.  My last baby.  And I just want to do it one more time before we move into an official 'Big Boy' room with a twin-sized bed and thumps during the night from him falling out of it and matchbox cars and sweaty t-ball uniforms like his bubba."

It was right about that time that I discovered Lay Baby Lay and fell into the black hole of Etsy.  His crib and bookshelves will stay the same, but everything else will change.

Here's what I love so far:

from jennasuedesign

from susansphotoart

from PaperRamma

from Tessyla
from BushelandPeckPaper

from pumpkinandbutterfly

And this is just the beginning.  Did you know that when you put in a search for nautical art on Etsy, you're given 13,746 results?  Geez!  Decisions, decisions.



  1. This is going to be adorable!! I love nautical/navy/little baby decor! How precious!

  2. OH SO SWEET. You are great at fresh!
    You kids are so cute you just have to have more, the world should not be deprived of such beauty.(smile)

    1. LOVE your ideas!!! And I'm with ya on the baby fever thing... I"m pregnant with my third and already thinking about the next one. Silly me. :)

  3. Yea! I'm so glad ya'll like it! I'm totally feeling like I've made good choices now. :)