first haircut


Baby mullets are pretty special, but it was waaaay past time for P's to go.

So we took him to this funky, fun salon last Saturday just for kids called Kidz Kutz. (And we definitely took a trip down memory lane while we were there when the same stylist that cut Parker's hair cut Jake's for the first time too.)

Thomas the tank engine looked like he needed some place to go, so we chose him for Parker to sit in (Jake was a pilot for a day in the F-16 for his first haircut).

He twisted and turned the wheel and stopped to think twice about only the spray bottle of water wetting his hair and the clippers trimming the back of his neck.

He did sooo great, and I saved almost every one of his baby locks. I'm good and sentimental like that, you know?

Handsome, handsome Baby! Love you Peedy P!

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  1. Thankf for checking out my blog. What a fun family you have! I love first haircut pictures because it always changes their look so much!