Didn't you say ya'll went to the Georgia Aquarium?


We did.

Here's proof.

We'd never been, and we thought it would be fun.  So Jim made a reservation while I packed our bags, and we left on a whim on the Wednesday afternoon of our Spring Break. 

Exciting, huge, amazing, worth every penny - it was all of these things.

Dolphin Tales (an actual show they do with I think five dolphins and their trainers) was incredible - like for-a-minute-I-thought-I-just-might-be-at-Sea-World incredible.  Even Parker gave rounds of applause and never took his eyes off of them.

We roamed for hours and shared chicken fingers and chocolate chip cookies...

met sea dragons and waited too long for Jake to get a feel of those little sharks swimming in an open pool (He never did.  Bummer.)...

got real disappointed when we realized the penguin habitat was under construction and decided one shoe off was better than one shoe lost...

left behind a fruit loop...or two or three (P drops more snacks than he gets in his mouth, I think.)...

and brought home t-shirts and "Otter" from the gift shop.

Yeah, the Aquarium pretty much rocked all the way around - 

in all of our opinions.


  1. WOW Awesome pictures!!!! Thanks so much for the love and support today, I really need it and it really helped. That last pic of his shadow could win an award!

  2. You're so welcome, Tesha! And THANK YOU for your sweet words. Totally makes me day more than you'll know!!

  3. Looks like a fun trip! Gotta love spring break!