It's that time of year again.


He's already gotten his "uniform" for the coming season. This year he'll play for the blue team (They haven't yet picked their "official" team name. At the next practice, I think?), and sport the number 3 on his back under this name.

He had his first practice this past Saturday, and he'll have his second in two more days.

Until then, bats are being swung and balls are being lobbed back and forth between Jake and his daddy in our yard.

Yeah, that's pretty fun to watch.


  1. I loved when my kids played ball, now all they want to do is surf or skateboard. Oh well at least it is still outside. I so prefer outside sports to those played in a stuffy gym. HAPPY SPRING!

  2. and the weather is cooperating here in central Pa!! good luck to both of them!
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