I've got a feeling that this week's going to be a good one.


I can honestly say that getting our groove back last week after our week of Spring Break was rough.

Monday...not so bad; Tuesday...real bad.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I fell asleep within minutes of Parker's bedtime; I fed him breakfast at his preschool three mornings in a row because yes, I was running that late; and by Friday, I told his preschool teacher that "...even if today wasn't Friday, you would not see this face tomorrow morning."

The agenda doesn't lie, so I quote, "Jake was defiant all day today." (Wednesday, March 21st), and "Jake didn't complete all of his work today and tried to hide it." (Thursday, March 22nd) Sums up his week, doesn't it?

As for Jim, I think he handled it best. Or maybe he fell asleep right after I did on Wednesday and Thursday. He'd probably never tell.

This week's Monday? Soooo much better.

But Tuesday might not be if I don't say "Goodnight."

Happy Monday, Ya'll!

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  1. Ha, my days would be so much better if I would say goodnight. I can't sleep well year...and what a difference sleep makes. We have all had those day saying a prayer that Tuesday would be even better!