the last of it


The last of our Spring Break has been a dog-bathing, chair rail-painting, strawberry-eating, basketball-playing, mosquito-slapping two days worth.

We grilled out with our very best friends last night...

and brought the pool to their tub this afternoon.

The "everyday" of this past week - it's what I'll miss the most.

And the extra hour of sleep. Fo sho.

And I didn't mention this already, so here goes. (It's one of my favorite Spring Break Outtakes courtesy of my oldest.)

On our way home from Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday, Jake said, "Mom, I was really good today. Whatun' I?"

Oh yeah, Bud, you definitely were, and I'm proud of you.

"I ROCK! Don't I?"

Yep. You totally do.


  1. What cuties!!! Spring break went by way too fast for me too. :)

  2. Oh my, they are all kinds of cuteness! I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by and encouraging me it really means a lot to me. My kids ( I really mean me, HA) never get a spring break we home school. They do get a lot of free days. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh your kiddos are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Glad that yall had a great spring break! xoxox