Today it's more colorful and less ornamental.


"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." ~The Grinch (pinned by one of the loves of my life, Amanda, today)

This year, we are definitely making Christmas mean a little bit more. Doing Random Acts of Christmas Kindness *Advent calendar-style* is in full swing (snapshots and our list of twenty-five to come), and oh we are definitely dishing out the kindness, Baby.

Operation: Teach them it's better to give than receive is high priority around here.  My parents might as well have been drill sargents when it came to this - often in words and always always in their actions.  And they're still at it.  Driving their elderly Sunday School members to catch a bus to go see what Fall looks like in Tennessee...yep, they did it this past October.  There's joy in that, and I totally get it.  I hope they do too. 

Yesterday, our Christmas tree went from minus one to minus two.  The first ornament fell prey to Parker yesterday morning and the second to Oscar last night. 

Jake is sooo into coloring and doing art projects and you-name-anything-crafty, and I swear the kid has colored a page a night from his Christmas coloring book. He's been asking since the weekend to display his masterpieces by hanging them from our tree, and apparently Oscar overheard.

So last night (after he polished off his serving of Frosted Flakes - crackers are no longer his food of choice per's Frosted Flakes...and he gets it just like he likes it), Oscar punched holes in the tops of each one, strung a six-inch strand of ribbon through and tied off the end, and hung them from the tree.  Frosted Flakes = Artwork hanging from the Christmas tree?  I'm your Elf!

This totally fired him up, obviously, because he said, "That's the best thing he's ever done for me, Mommy!"

Will it be wrong for me to start wishing this elf wasn't getting so much credit around here?  So far, so good, but hopefully not if I ever do.  Additional mom-guilt is not welcome.

Oh this is so much crazy fun, and I totally recommend you try this one at your home. 

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