While a twelve ounce can of Sunkist and a white Styrofoam container of all-but-one-bite gone banana pudding (Jim and I ate at Mr. Bill's tonight. Their banana pudding could sell as good as crack if everyone just had a little taste of it.) sits on my bedside table, this is sitting on our kitchen counter.

Parker wasn't his usual late yesterday afternoon (but somehow managed to be between the hours of seven to eight pm...mommy magic...I promise you he was just waiting for me to come home.) and was equally out of sorts a few hours after breakfast this morning.

The eczema he tends to keep on the back of his legs was brighter, bumpier and more intensely red than normal (Don't get me wrong. I love the color red but not as a scaly skin color for Baby.), so I made a call to Dr. B's office to schedule an appointment to have him take a look with a while-he's-at-it-maybe-he-can-figure-out-why-he's-cranky in the mix. 

Length - 29"  Weight - 19 pounds, 12.5 ounces

He looked not only at his skin (steroid cream twice daily for five days) but in his eyes and ears.  And when he did, he noticed his ear canal was the same color as the patches of eczema.  Blow your whistle and wave an ear infection onto Parker Street.  It's his first and our first (Jake - wait......while I knock on wood - hasn't had the misery.).  There's seems to be one for everything. 

Sidenote:  Jake let it be known that he "would just be too sad" if he left his grandparents today, worked his four-year old magic, and is staying until Friday (with no further option to extend beyond two more days). 

Missing him and Dr. Mom for the next ten,    

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