Sunday Shortly


Forgive me for the short and sweet.

My wheels are slow to turn. It's late. I'm catching up on every second of good TV that aired between last Sunday and this one.

Sunday through Sunday in bits and pieces goes like this.

We've kicked ear infections and eczema to the curb. And I'm still amazed at how much better he felt after just one dose and one rub down of his prescriptions.

I did soooo much Christmas shopping in unexpected places (corner shops and shopping malls found in cities traveled for work) and yelled a crazy loud Welcome Home! to Jake on Friday.

He and Jim walked down our street and put boxes of hot chocolate on the front doormats of neighbors' homes then slipped candy canes underneath windsheild wipers in the mall parking lot on Saturday night.

And apparently Oscar has had it out for these guys all week.

When we found them like this on Saturday morning, it was still hard to tell who won.

But I'm happy to say since then, they seem to have resolved their differences.

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