Christmas Recap


Christmas morning this year has left me speechless.

This one, Jake's fifth, was the real deal. If he were asked why we celebrate Christmas, he could tell you, "Because it's Jesus' birthday!", and he could sing nearly every Christmas tune out there (and still does). He was all about believing in some Santa Claus, and for the entire week prior, he asked us a ridiculous amount of times, "When is it gonna be Christmas?!?!"

Christmas Eve was a long one. I don't think he closed his eyes until at least eleven. I had not wrapped the first gift - mainly because I feared he would open them when we weren't looking (without the skill of knowing how to "just peak" then wrap them back up) which would leave him high and gift-opening dry on Christmas Day. Santa's cookies and milk waited to be eaten, and Oscar waited to work his elf magic.

We got started a little after ten - threatening him within an inch of his life if he came out of his room (he did anyway). And just before midnight, the gifts were under our tree and his door was covered in wrapping paper.

Jim and I woke up early so we could wake him (I think it was 5am) and see his reaction from start to finish (and yeah, get it all on tape). I held Parker while Jim recorded. I knocked on his door, and we both said, "Jake, wake up! It's Christmas!"

"It's Christmas?!.......It's Chrissssssstmas!" Reality check (and probably falling out of bed disoriented) - loved it!

He first tried to crawl under the paper - not working there so we suggested he punch through it. And he did.

As for the rest of the wrapping paper....well, he knew what to do.

Baby needed a little help. And most of all, he loved the bows and pieces of cardboard...just as we expected.

After all of the gifts were opened, there was one more surprise in his stocking and a note from Oscar:


Thank you for letting me be your special friend and bring magic to you this Christmas. I hope you like the gift I've left for you. Please think of me and invite me to come back next year. I will miss you, and I love you!


P.S. Please sing Happy Birthday to Jesus for me! Merry Christmas!

Oh it was so much fun. The whole thing. The gifts. The singing. The ten extra fingers and ten extra toes amongst the wrapping paper.

And unforgettable.

And special. Really, really special.

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  1. And please tell me all the secrets of your picture taking.....beautiful pictures!