Santa Successfully


Twelve days of not-much-doin'.  That's precisely our goal for the amount of time we're spending away from our typical everyday, and to accomplish it, we're keeping our expectations low and plans unmade.  We've made small talk of things "we'd like to do" or "get done", but at the end of the day and the end of 2011, we just want to say we made enough memories this holiday season to fill the pages of a book-you-can't-put-down full.

We started Thursday by taking Jake and Parker to sit on Santa's lap.  It was Parker's first time and Jake's fourth (fifth?) - just to make sure he remembers what he asked him for, add one more from his ever-changing and ever-growing list of wants, and to take the infamous photo with Santa.  It turned out ridiculously good and hear me loud and proud when I say we are still celebrating our success.  Jake marveled at the man who has the power to bring him anything he asks him for and knows when he's sleeping and when he's awake, and Parker kept his eyes on the orange feather duster that tickled his cheeks and lit up his face with a smile.

Yesterday we ate a huge breakfast at City Cafe in Downtown Northport and wished our best of friends a Merry Christmas over chicken fingers at Walton's.

Our Christmas shopping is completely done, but not a single gift is wrapped (We're starting a new tradition this year of giving four - three because that's how many were brought to Jesus the night of His birth and one that he asked Santa for.).  I'm hoping Oscar will bring his elf magic for realz tonight and fill the bottom of our tree until the tree skirt can't be seen with boxes wrapped in paper colored with snowmen and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  **Sidenote:  I have got to get Jake on video singing some of the Christmas tunes he knows by heart.  It is absolutely priceless to listen in!  Right now, though, he's found himself tangled in a long strand of lights (the multi-color ones because that's all he's been asking for since the ones on our tree are clear) that's been plugged in, wrapped around the footboard of Jake's bed three (maybe four) times, and has his room glowing in Christmas color.

T-1 Day!  I can't believe all of the believing and magic and hype is just one away!

I'm pumped, Ya'll!

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