25 Days. And counting.


"Speaking of the Elves' yearly journey, I've decided to declare a holiday on Dec. 1st called Elf Magic, Day of the Elf; an Elf-tastic celebration of my little friends arriving in your homes."  ~Santa

There you have it...a quote made by Mr. Claus himself published in the early Fall edition of the St. Nick's News.

At the age of nearly five, Jake is as serious about Santa Claus as I am about sales racks, so this year I decided to heighten the magic of Christmas for him and get one of these.  He's sat on Santa's knee and asked for him to send him an elf (Until he can write more than just his name, we won't follow the tradition of writing an actual letter to Santa to request one.), and Santa has delivered.

When he's fast asleep (I just pulled the covers over him a few short minutes ago.), a ten inch, blonde haired "helper" dressed in red and green will find his way under our Christmas and be waiting for him when he wakes in the morning.  The hype has been building all evening, so I seriously can't wait until the light of day breaks and little feet skip through our home looking for him and then...the find.

Introductions...and enough images to build a whole collage of elfcapades to come.

Twenty-five days and counting, Ya'll!

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