Fishing, Friday, and a Fling


While Jake is relishing in one last Summer fling with his grandparents, Jim, Parker, and I are spending time as a threesome here at home.

This evening while he's fishing with his Grandpa at Mr. Sonny's pond, Jim and I are sitting under our pergola listening to the sounds of our neighborhood and locusts in the nearby trees while we watch Parker "snack" on his toes as he rocks in his bouncy seat.

We headed out of town early Friday evening and spent the night and day on Saturday with my family. When I picked Jake up from school on Friday, Mrs. Pam (his preschool's director) told me we couldn't go wrong with any one of the three K4 teachers he might possibly get. Yesterday we found out he'll be one of Mrs. Lang's students, and today I ordered his backpack online.

Jim played golf with one of his very best friends who's visiting from a two-year assignment to Turkey, and my mom, sister, Parker and I made stops to Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, and Prattville Pickers while my dad played referee to Jake and Emily. I bought an old window like the millions I've seen be repurposed on Pinterest and a wooden highchair for Parker. I've been looking/wondering where I'd ever find a wooden highchair without paying full price, and now I own one I found on the fly.  Eek!

In two days, Jake will be home and then will spend two more as his last in K3.  His preschool is closed on Friday for an in-service day, so he'll have one last break before he starts K4 one week from tomorrow.

And I'm rejoicing because I'll get to spend it with him.  And I'm hoping I'm not still searching for the pair of tennis shoes and treasure box surprises he still needs before next Monday.

Bring on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and most definitely, Friday!

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