while the cat's away


For his birthday, Jim is doing a little white water rafting this morning. He left yesterday with almost forty of his former ROTC students, his former boss, and the new Lieutenant that's taking his place as the Commandant of Cadets...and maybe another person or two that I don't know enough about to share.

Yesterday, I fed Parker his dinner at his preschool, and on our way to an amazing 75% off charity sale called "Buy For Rise", I called one of my girlfriends, Kelly, to tell her Parker officially has his very first tooth. Jake went home with his K-2 teacher, Ms. Diane, (Yes, they are still as thick as blood.) and then back to his school to watch the Patriots play their first game of football this season while Parker and I shopped for two hours straight and until my stomach had hit my backbone, and we came home.

This morning Jake has some serious bedhead goin' on, and we're all waiting on Hodges Heating and Cooling. While Parker and I waited on Big Brother to get home, I noticed it was just slightly on the toasty side in here. I looked at the thermostat, and it read 82 degrees. I climbed into our attic with Jim on the phone nearly four hours away and switched the breakers a time or two...nothing. After phone calls to our home warranty company to file a claim, I turned on every ceiling fan to circulate air, and found one of Jake's no-longer-missing socks when it flew off of a fan blade. I called my mom and cancelled plans with her today and set up the Pack-n-Play for Parker in my bedroom...because that was where it was coolest. Three makes company, so Jake and I shared my bed. We whispered for nearly an hour (so we wouldn't wake Baby) and sorted a small gift bag full of plastic Cowboys and Indians. We rode them on their horses and had shootouts at the OK Corral. We found the end of the rainbow on his left cheek, and he taught me the cheer he chanted earlier in the night.  We finally drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Caillou on our television and the humidifier on my dresser.

The "cat" of our house is away, but it's been a great (and extra warm - we're always warm with love and now we're even more warm thanks to an on-the-blink a/c unit) night and morning.

Now I think now I'll go honor Jake's request to "Let's just quit takin' pitures and go get something to eat!"

"Okay, Baby. I'm comin'. I'm comin'.

Happy Weekending, Everyone!

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