Marching Band: One day football will be played at halftime.


No two ifs, ands or buts about it, ya' of my absolute favorite things about every football season is the band. Music with no voices can move me like God can move moutains, and a good band playin' just does it for me.

This week after I've dropped Parker off at our church in the mornings, I've driven by Arby's restaurant, then the practice field, and then the Moody School of Music. Every morning, they're out there. And they're playing! And aside from today when I walked with Jim down to one of our favorite restaurants on "The Strip" to have lunch, I've driven by, and they've been in the same two places. And they've been playing!

It melts me - just like the words of Amazing Grace put to music does.

Roll Tide Roll, Ya'll!

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