While we sat together this morning at our kitchen table eating breakfast, he said to me, "I've got a really great idea, Mommy!  "You do? What is it, Baby?  "We could just play with my dinosaurs until the museum opens!"  So we did because he wanted to.

We talked quietly while dinosaurs ate leaves from the trees and ran like mad when they came running towards us. We put things in our cart at Wal-mart we ordinarily wouldn't, blasted off into space aboard the space shuttle Altantis and walked on the moon. We boarded The Captain Tim Parker, and when I asked where we were sailing to, he replied, "California!"  "Okay! California it is! Steer the vessel for us, Captain Jake!"  We read stories to each other while sitting on the tops of mushrooms and made funny faces in distorted mirrors.  We turned ourselves into the queen and king of our castle and rubbed sticks together to make a fire that singed our eyebrows completely off of our foreheads.  We collected two more Smurfs that we got in our Happy Meals, and we laughed like crazy underneath the covers we shared for our two-hour nap.

Our day was simply...magic!

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