Shortly after Jim and I were married, we bought a couples devotional Bible.

And it's really great because it has devotions scattered throughout and these little "activities" that they title Weekending.

They ask you to do stuff like test your personality and write down five things that make you feel loved and share them with your spouse. They give you great date night ideas and suggest that you write down what drives you nuts about your spouse so hopefully he/she won't ever do those things again. (Yeah, right!).

Our Weekending this past weekend consisted of dyeing eggs because Jake wanted to and I said "Why not?!" and totally threw out the fact that Easter was nearly four months ago., school supply shopping while they could be purchased tax-free, and reading the tube of Baby Orajel to see how many times a day it can be applied and still be safe.

Beats going back to visit the spot Jim and I got engaged and professing our love to each other all over again with a huge stick, huh?

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