Week in Review


This past week I...

wished my sister a Happy 40th Birthday

made a detour to Wal-mart to buy bottles because I forgot Parker's on Thursday morning

overheard this short conversation between Jim and Jake: "Jake, you might better go into another room before I start lettin' 'em fly."   "What, Daddy? You're gonna catch a fly?!"

kissed baby fat

read devotions

ate lunch at P.F. Chang's

gave fashion advice to Jim

brushed four-year old teeth

spent at least a quarter of an hour every night on our back porch swing

heard all about all thirteen of Jim's employees and how much he's diggin' his new job

found out my niece, Delilah, had her first portraits made and is growing by leaps and bounds

applied cornstarch baby powder to Parker's neck and chest and watched it work like magic to rid him of his heat rash

prayed for family members battling addiction

put sugar on strawberries and syrup on pancakes for breakfast

hugged my husband more for no special reason at all

and soothed a sobbing ten-month old who was missing his mommy and daddy something fierce after they left him in our church nursery.

What a week, right? 

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