Me: "Did you really think way back when that we'd make it this far?"

Jim: "Yes. (finishing his bite of lunch) Because of you."

When I said "I do!", I knew I had found the one. I knew I was saying "I do!" to my very best friend and the one who completes me, and I knew he was truly Heaven sent.

He wrote me these words the day we wed:

Today is the day that He has given me the greatest gift of all. That gift is you. I take these vows today with no doubt that God sent you into this world to complete me as a man. I pray that He will bless us with a wonderful Christ-filled marriage. Cindi, my love will suffer long; and will be kind; my love will not envy and will be not be puffed up; my love will bear all things, believe all things in you, hope all things, and will endure all things. I make this promise now with God and with you. I will never forsake or take your love and devotion for granted. Cindi, I can't express in words how deeply I feel for you. I feel your heartbeat even when we're not together. I feel as if we are connected in a way that has never been experienced before. When we leave here today, I will leave all others behind and always look to you for comfort and happiness. I love you.  Your husband,  Jim

What I didn't know is where we would be today.  I didn't know the ups and downs that would come our way or how we'd handle them.  I didn't know what our life would look like - where we'd live or if there would be more than just the two of us.

This morning we woke up and said "Happy Anniversary" to each other. 

After thirteen of them, I'm still in love.  I'm still sure of all the things I was sure about on July 2, 1998.  I'm still amazed that with every passing year we grow and love and forgive and dream and continue on this journey together.  I'm still thankful. 

And I'm still waiting to wake up again on this day every year to come and wish the love of my life a very Happy Anniversary.

I love you, Babe, with all my heart and soul.  Thanks for being in my and always.

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