a conversation between jake and the tj maxx cashier last night


I love Smarties (the candy).

Yes, that was very random. But it's true.

Jake: "I'm really sick."

TJ Maxx Cashier: "You are?"

Jake: "Yeah, I'm just cauwfin'." (How much do you love that Southern drawl right about now?).

TJ Maxx Cashier: "Awww...I'm sorry."

Jake: "Well, this toy's gonna make me feel all better."

TJ Maxx Cashier: "It is?! Wow, this must be some toy."

Jake: "Yeah, it is. They're mans."

TJ Maxx Cashier: "They sure are. I like these."

Jake: "I have a baby brother."

TJ Maxx Cashier: "You do? What's his name?"

Jake: "Parker."

TJ Maxx Cashier: "Parker. How old is he?"

Jake: "I don't really know."

TJ Maxx Cashier: (Laughing)

Jake: "And I watch Courage the Dog every night! That man is mean to him. And Courage is gonna bite his head off one day."

Me: "Uhhhhh. Thank you for that, Jake. I'm sure that exactly what we all expected you to say next.

Me to the TJ Maxx cashier: "I hope you can't delete that mental image and have a great night, Ma'am."

Jake: "What's a mental image, Mommy?"

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