Baby Legs


They are





Truth be told, his skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert. It's from all the bathing I do to him. But when he's been out and about, I can't help but soak him nightly...make him smell all good...get my fix on the smell of baby him kick and splash and listen to him squeal because water in his bathtub is one of the highlights of his entire day.

But he's gotten patches of eczema in the creases of his arms, in various places on his legs, and in the bends of his ankles. So just before bedtime, I slap some Aquaphor on him and then cover him in rainbow striped Baby Legs (or aqua and orange striped Baby Legs or bright blue, grey, and red checked Baby know...whatever's clean or goes with the onesie of choice for that particular night).

The Aquaphor is definitely a huge help (I was turned onto it by my coworker, L, when Jake had the same problem a few winters ago.). But when we make a visit to his pediatrician for his six month well baby check-up in the morning, I'll have him take a look at it, discuss it with him, and see if he thinks we need something that's prescription strength since it's not totally clearing up.

As a side note, no one is more excited than I am to see how much he weighs and just how long he really is.

Baby legs wearing Baby Legs...come to mommy and let me eat you up!

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