Something New


For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun!... Isaiah 43:19

I walked into Parker's room, and he was wearing his usual smile from ear to ear. I fed him breakfast and settled him into his bouncy seat while I finished getting ready. It was not only his five month birthday but the first day he would spend at our church's preschool. I remember what he wore, and I remember thinking that I was doing so well - handling it all - on the way there. I talked to his teachers and talked about the week we had just spent at Disney World. I procrastinated. I remember lifting him out of his pumpkin seat and leaving my heart on the floor that I knelt down to to pick him up. I thought, "Lord, help me do this!"...and I cried. I left our church parking lot with this verse and visions of the stage God had set for me in mind - a slow transition brought about by His perfect and flawless timing.

When I got the call from Emily (our church's preschool director at the time) in late February that Parker could be enrolled in June, June sort of became "our" month. When we talked about whether or not to step out and let him start then or just pay tuition for the sake of holding his place and wait until August, Jim would always say, "I just really think something's gonna happen in June. I really feel like we should just step out in faith and see what comes out of it."

His terminal leave started, and the month of May came and went. Resumes went out daily like they had been for almost two months, and we went to Disney World. Parker started daycare on June 8th, and not more than two weeks later, Jim got a call to interview for a job at UA. He interviewed twice more over the next week and was offered the position two days after...this past Thursday...the last day of the month of June.

Tomorrow is his first day of work, and I think he's pretty excited about it.  But beyond being excited, he's certain and right...June was definitely our month.

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  1. Amazing how God works behind the scenes to provide for a need we don't even know we are going to have yet, isn't it!?!?