There's a first time for everything.


And this week Parker has had three firsts.

On Tuesday, he rolled from his back to his tummy (This one’s been about three weeks coming since he started doing “crunches”...Way to go Parker! Do some for Mommy while you’re down there!...and rolling onto his side), on Wednesday, he spent his first morning with Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kellen at our church’s preschool (By the way, he did fantastic and is apparently working his laid back Parker charm because even after day three, he is loved, loved, loved.), and this morning, he had oatmeal as part of his breakfast regime versus rice cereal (And yes, he ate it like he stole it. That’s my boy!).

Speaking of dropping Parker off, I’ve opened the doors to our church every morning and walked in to see a huge group of people standing in the foyer. Not just people (They deserve more credit than that.) – they are volunteers. I’m so amazed that after nearly two months, there are still so many that are giving up the hours of their days to re-build Tuscaloosa. It just warms me up inside…just like thinking about my lunch date with the sale racks at Gap (And then maybe we’ll even get in on some of that volunteer action before this weekend if over.).

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