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This post is gonna be all over the place. Just like this past Sunday when we went all over the place to see Jim's dad, sister, and brother and to meet our new niece (and cousin to Jake and Parker), Delilah.

And just like this coming weekend for Jim and I to celebrate thirteen years married on Saturday. Tomorrow night we have an overnight date planned. Grandma has heeded to the call to give us an entire twenty-four hours of couple time. She's coming here later today with Jake in tow (because he's been with her since Monday night). Between job interviews and dental appointments, Jim's SAHD duties had to be shirked for a few days again this week.

"He looks just like me!", Dad said when he saw Parker for the first time, and his smile was priceless. And they exchanged lots of them over lunch while Christy and Jim looked at old family photos and Jake played with Steven's (Christy's son aka our nephew aka Jake and Parker's cousin who is just a few months older than Jake) Buzz Lightyear he brought to share.

Jake swung on the swingset in the backyard, and we watched the martins fly in and out of their nests.

And Parker gave his teething toys fits. His gums are beginning to swell, and the only time you see him without something shoved in his mouth is when he's asleep. I definitely think it's almost that time, and his teachers do too (and yes, that would be code for he's been crabby off and on during the day this week). He's also babbling with consonants and the vowel a now too. The sounds of "ba-ba-ba, ga-ga-ga, and da-da-da" have been music to our ears each night.

"Don't lay on top of him now, Baby. You might hurt him - break a rib or something.", Grandpa said. I guess holding him made him feel like Parker was safer. So that's what he did as long as he would let him.

And at times, he held them both.

When we got the call that Jeremy and Heather were finally at home with Delilah (who weighed in at a whopping four pounds, fifteen ounces at birth), we formed a convoy to go meet her.

So precious. So tiny. So miraculous.

So glad we spent this time with our extended family.

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