Jeremiah 31:3


Jake and I have this little thing we do with "I love you's".

He'll ask me, "How much do you love me, Mommy? Just this much?" (with his arms stretched as wide as they'll reach).

Sometimes I stretch mine as far as they can reach and almost clasp my hands behind my back and say, "Yes! That much!"

And then sometimes I'll squeeze just my thumb and finger together with just a tiny bit of space in between and say, "Nope. Just thiiiiiiis much."

"NO, MOMMY! You have to love me this much!" (and again his arms are stretched out wide).

I can see us now - playing this little game we play no matter how old or how tall he does(n't) get.

Maybe one day when he's mature enough to understand, I'll just put it to him like the book of Jeremiah does, and I'll say...

"I have loved you with an everlasting love."   No arm gestures needed, Baby.

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