It's Father's Day.


It's one of the best days we celebrate all year long (the other being Mother's Day, of course). 

I love to celebrate the person who helped make me who I am own father.  He built castles in the sand and had perfect timing of letting go as I peddled my bike for the very first time.  He reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and could accomplish anything my heart desired.  He painted a crystal clear picture of my Heavenly Father's love, taught me to believe in myself, and overrid nearly every No way! my mom gave me when I asked for a ferret and a lamb and a bird and a bunny and (another) doggy.    

And I love to celebrate the person who I'm on this journey called parenthood with.  He gags when he changes diapers but does it anyway and exercises patience when I don't.  He lifts are babes in the air and kisses them at night.  He goes to doctor's appointments and coaches tball.  He never lets our family eat dinner without a prayer, and he says, "Let's go!" when I plan a surprise birthday party on the fly on a day that should be all his own.

No words do justice to the way I feel about these two.

And no title did either which is why I started with It's Father's Day (Sort of like I started with It's Saturday yesterday.  Tomorrow, I promise I won't say It's Monday.  I really rather not keep reminding myself.).

Happy Father's Day to the two best fathers I know!  I love you more than words can say!

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