My Daily Bread


Lord, help me...

to make the most of every minute of every hour of every day I am given because the next is not promised to me.

to have the energy necessary to be the best Mommy I know with Your help I can be.

to stop and really listen to what it is I'm being asked.

to set achievable goals and have reasonable expectations.

to realize that my children are just that. They are children, not adults. So they will not act like adults, think like adults, or behave like adults. Thank you, Jesus, that they aren't.

to know when to say "No" or just let it ride.

to be an example of what Your love is really like.

to be reminded that my list of Things to Do is never more important than hearing Jake tell me I'm "the best Mommy ever!" because I stopped to find a toy he had lost or saying "Ma-ma-ma!" to Parker one more time just to see him smile.

to build them up...not tear them down.

to forgive myself for past, present, and future mistakes.

to have patience to answer all the "Huh?"'s from the backseat of our car because I wasn't heard the first time.

to discipline out of love and not anger.

to be sympathetic...even when I know in the grand scheme of things it's not the end of the world because to them, it just might be.

to be thankful more and more each day for the precious gifts in my life.

to remember that these children are not mine. They are Yours.

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