SPF 45


It's what we applied to five year old and under skin off and on all last Tuesday afternoon.

Our four-day hoppers to the Parks of Walt Disney World included three entrances to their water parks.

So on the afternoon of day three (Sunday being day one since we drove all night to get there just after sunrise.), we splashed the hours away at Typhoon Lagoon.

It's where Jake found a deserted sand bucket in the shape of a castle with Walt Disney World written on the side and where Jim scraped his elbow in a serious way trying to keep Parker's head above water as the tide from the massive wave pool rolled in.

It's where we took turns riding adult-sized water slides with our great friends James and Tonya, their son, Taylor, twin girls, Ashtyn and Morgan, my sister, Cathy and niece, Emily and where Jake slid down this water slide that was kept cool by animals shooting water out of their mouths.

It's where we relaxed...

Parker included.

It's where Jake exclaimed, "That sure was scary. But it was fun. And I think I'll go again now." when he went down this slide.

It's where the smallest of fingers and toes danced in the waters of Ketchakiddee Creek...

and exploring new things never ended.

It's where the pedicures my sister and I got just hours before we left on Saturday really paid off, smiles never stopped coming,

and snacks were devoured (constantly).

It's the place where even though when we left we felt completely water-logged, we knew we couldn't have spent our afternoon any better way.

Even if we tried our very, very hardest.

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