Epcot and a new slogan for Walt Disney World


The place Where Dreams Come True and Meltdowns Ensue...that's the new slogan I've given to Walt Disney World after spending six nights and seven days in and out of four parks, two water parks, the sun, the lines, and a twenty by twenty hotel room.  They're just bound to happen...meltdowns.  And there's no age limit on who can have them.  Just like there's no age limit on who you might see wearing their favorite Disney character on a t-shirt (Over the age of twelve?  Who cares if you wear Donald Duck on the front of your shirt.  It's all good.  Really, it is.).

But some how some way, you find yourself at Epcot the very next morning - just like we did after every.single.person in our family had a meltdown on Thursday night (Jim because he was tired of folding and unfolding multiple strollers multiple times a day and because he had to find the nearest grocery store after twelve hours of all the magic he could stand at The Magic Kingdom so Parker would have something to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day.  Jake because Emily was putting his swim shorts on backwards.  Tough times, I know.  Parker because he was insecure about being laid in the bottom of the bathtub with no water in it yet when at home he's used to being snug as a bug in the net of his infant-sized one.  And me because I figured why not since everyone else was having one.)...

and in spite of it all, you smile

and love every single minute

as if it were

the very first day

instead of your next to last.


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