Random But True


I think our family may be the only family I know that didn't see Cars 2 this weekend. Good thing we won't be on the outs as of tomorrow afternoon when Jim and Jake go see the one o'clock matinee.

My new obsession is Pinterest. I could live glued to my computer for months and months if someone brought me food...and mountain dew...and fed my kids.

Our refrigerator has absolutely no milk in it whatsoever. And it's been that way for a solid week now.

Jake still has yet to sing his VBS theme song for me...and tonight we ate watermelon outside in our pajamas.

Earlier today, we met the newest member of our family, Delilah. My brother-in-law, Jeremy, and his wife, Heather welcomed her this past Wednesday.

Last night I wore part of Parker's dinner to bed.

I promise you that won't happen tonight because I'm about to change it.

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