Rainy Days and Mondays


These two things don't have me down (even though it has been raining here off and on since Sunday).

But my little punkin' having a cold definitely does. And if he could say, "Thanks, Mommy! I appreciate it!", I'm sure he would. I have no idea where I got it from, but he definitely got it from me. And I absolutely hate it.

Well, wait. I probably got it from making multiple trips to Jake and Parker's pediatrician's office over the past three weeks. I swear, I have been to take one of them at one time or another to see Dr. B. a whole four times (including the trip we made yesterday - Monday - for him to listen to Parker's chest and lungs, check his oxygen level, look into his nasal passages and ears, and test for RSV - which was negative by the way - Thank you, Lord!).

The great news is, Parker seems to be on the mend, and so am I. But in the mean time, he is eating less and spitting some of his meals back up when he coughs so hard during feeding time, he's almost accustomed to having his nose suctioned out by the big green bulb, and he's had more time in the shower than I have because letting him breathe in the steam from it seems to help.

My poor baby! Did I mention I hate this? Sniff...sniff...

Another thing that doesn't have me down is thinking about what an awesome time Jake had at his first swim lesson.  He was all over it!

Yep!  My first born is a real fish in a human body.  I have no idea when I've seen him this ecstatic over something (well, except for maybe when he got Bullseye - the horse from Toy Story 3 - right after Parker was born as his gift "Big Brother" gift).

He kicked, he splashed, he nearly refused to give back the diving stick, he floated on his back (but not in the most relaxed way - we'll have to work on that one), he went completely under water...several times, he was scolded for not wanting to give back the diving stick, he blew bubbles, he jumped from the side of the pool, and he cried - not for being scolded, but because we had to leave. 

So it goes without saying that he's asking us almost every day when he'll get to go swimming again, and I couldn't be happier that he's loving every minute of it.
And speaking of loving every minute of it, I have some lovin' to give my littlest squeaker (because this cold has nearly taken all of his voice) - right after I give him another few squeezes of that big green bulb and another few ounces of the only thing on his diet, Similac Sensitive.



  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your Mommy time!!! P.S. -watch the little one really carefully - Ashlyn's first RSV test came out negative too. Never hurts to double check.

  2. Thank you so much, Heather! I'll definitely keep a watch now that I know that. And yes, I am definitely enjoying my mommy time!! :)